Méditation du mercredi (25)

Alors que notre dernier billet abordait les « spoilers » dans Lost, la citation de cette semaine provient d’une recherche menée par Jonathan Gray et Jason Mittell, eux-mêmes fans de Lost, qui s’interrogent sur les fans de « spoilers ».

We approached this research with a similar sense of uncertainty – both of us are dedicated Lost fans who avoid spoilers to the best of our abilities. Because we both explore and participate in the online fan communities around the show, we have seen the engagement around spoilers among hardcore fans, and wish to understand how such practices fit into larger norms of narrative comprehension, fan community, and textuality. Additionally, one of us is married to a dedicated spoiler fan of Lost, and thus the conflict and disconnect between spoiler avoiders and consumers plays out each week in front of the television. As academics trained to view texts as creative works within particular consumption norms, we certainly carry some degree of judgmental skepticism toward spoiler fans, regarding such practices as aberrant violations of normal viewing protocols. But as cultural scholars trained to examine fan practices not as a stigmatized “other,” but as legitimate forms of cultural participation and engagement, we turn to the practices and self-descriptions of spoiler fans to understand this alternative viewing practice within our midst.

Source : MITTELL, Jason et Jonathan GRAY (2007). Speculation on spoilers: Lost fandom, narrative consumption and rethinking textuality. Particip@tions, 4(1).


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