Méditation du mercredi (26)

La citation de cette semaine provient d’un récent article d’Amanda Potts de l’université de Lancaster (Angleterre). Spécialiste en analyse du discours, elle s’est intéressée aux interactions entre certains joueurs de Minecraft, dont Sjin et Sips, qui exprimaient parfois des sous-entendus homoérotiques entre eux.

Regardless, [Sjin’s] lack of concern with fan perception of him as gay or straight, masculine or feminine, has made an important contribution to the community: ‘not only does homophobia cease to be a tool of masculine marginalization, but homophobic expressions become stigmatized’ (Anderson, 2007, p. 606) in their most derogatory forms (e.g. ‘fag’) or gain ironic meaning, thereby building solidarity and allowing for creativity (e.g. ‘no homo’). Incorporation of queer and nonheteronormative discourses in these videos – watched by hundreds of thousands, subscribed to by over a million – has a nearly unprecedented opportunity to undergo a trickle-down effect on viewers, who are involved in the participatory culture of the social media platform. Commenters have been observed to use the online community created by Yogscast fandom to explore their understanding of homosocial and homosexual relationships, ‘working through social experiences and concerns’ (Jenkins, 1992, p. 215) by voicing their own emotions and experimenting with establishing norms. In this community, bigotry is much less tolerated than in other areas of online gaming, though ‘decreased homophobia does not necessarily result in a dissipation of sexual identities’ (McCormack & Anderson, 2010, p. 855), as evidenced by the occurrence of ‘no homo’ in many comments.

Source : POTTS, Amanda (2014). ‘LOVE YOU GUYS (NO HOMO)’. How gamers and fans play with sexuality, gender, and Minecraft on YouTube. Critical Discourse Studies, p. 22.


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