PCA/ACA Conference 2015 : les chercheurs sur Twitter (2e partie)

Nous poursuivons la présentation des chercheurs ayant participé au congrès national de la Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association de 2015. Cette semaine, les chercheurs qui ont un compte Twitter sont classés dans les catégories suivantes telles qu’indiquées par le programme 2015 : Gay, Lesbian, and Queer Studies; Gender and Media Studies; Gender Studies; Men and Men’s Studies; Motherhood/Fatherhood and Popular Culture; et Women’s Studies.


Gay, Lesbian, and Queer Studies (Drushel)

Gary Drum : The Genderbread Person: Boon or Bane to Understanding Gender Identity

Rebecca Gavrila : Marvel-Ous Transgressions: The Queer Case of Loki Laufeyson

Brian Kornell : The Strange Case of Sleepy Hollow: The Containment of Queerness in Contemporary Supernatural Television

Mark Lipton : I Got AIDS at Camp: Prognosis, Hope & Sontag’s Camp 50 Years Later

Angel Matos : Young Adult Novels and the Queer Possibilities of the Impossible, the Fantastical, and the Not-Yet-Here

Jared Muskovitz : Grassroots: How a Minnesota tradition led to a stunning victory at the polls for marriage equality

Ruben Quesada : The Horror of Heterosexuality

Stuart Richards : A New Queer Cinema Renaissance

Anna Beth Rowe : Illusory Rebels and Repressed Homosexuals: a Queer and Marxist Understanding of Disney’s The Adventures of Robin Hood

Christopher Vian : Roundtable on LGBTQ People and Social Media

Shelton Waldrep : Re-Gendering David Bowie


Gender and Media Studies (Phillips)

Blake Ball : I Have a Vision, Charlie Brown: Peanuts and the Feminist Appeal in Postwar American Culture; Gendering Curious George: Colonial Germany, American Culture, and a Tailless Monkey

Lindsey Bartgis : Male Rape Culture: Representations of Male Sexual Assault Survivors on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Erika M. Behrmann : “I am a woman. I can be as contrary as I choose”: Negotiating Feminist Points of Encounter in Masterpiece’s Downton Abbey

Hanna Birkhead : The Jasmine Effect – Gendered Portrayal in Media and Politics.

Kate Browne : Jealousy Is An Ugly Thing…and So Are You in Anything Backless: The Performance/Performativity of Dorothy Zbornak

Kirsten Gerdes : The Female Protagonist: Sexual Autonomy, Power, and Female Sexuality in Starz’ Outlander

Tracy Hawkins : Learning from Nonnatus House: Call the Midwife as Feminist Education

Slade Lane : #GamerHate: Gender Gatekeepers and Gaming Culture

Carlen Lavigne : The Education of Stahma Tarr: Feminism and Postfeminism in Defiance

Kristin Lieb : The Male Gaze in 2014: The Many Faces of Female Fauxmosexuality

Peta Long : The Jasmine Effect – Gendered Portrayal in Media and Politics

Kyle Moody : Social justice warriors: LGBTQIA Tumblr blogger identity construction; The End of the Dream: How Grand Theft Auto V Simulates and Subverts Its Male Player-Character Dynamics.

Abigail Oakley : Social justice warriors: LGBTQIA Tumblr blogger identity construction

Nicole Richter : Scarlett Johansson’s Cyberfeminist Embodiment

C. Chic Smith : Race, Class, and Othering are the Old Black: A Qualitative Analysis of Orange is the New Black

Daniel Udy : Talking it Out: Transgender Women on Daytime TV

Joseph Vogel : Freaks in the Reagan Era: James Baldwin, the 1980s, and the New Pop Cinema

Katheryn Wright : Girl Power or Potential? Teen Heroines, Gender, and Giftedness in Popular Culture


Gender Studies (Peirce)

laine zisman newman : Motherless Bad Girl/ Bad Girl Mother: Examining the Maternal Drive in Orphan Black.


Men and Men’s Studies (Heep)

Jessica Derleth : “We May Rest Content to Wear the Label”: Male Suffragists as Feminine Counterpart to the Masculine Woman

Jeanna Kinnebrew : A Complete Man: Masculinity in Robert B. Parker’s Spenser Series


Motherhood/Fatherhood and Popular Culture (Podnieks)

Valerie Heffernan : Motherhood in Contemporary German Young Adult Fiction


Women’s Studies (Kent)

Layla Abdullah-Poulos : Breasts and Beards: A Lesson in Western Secular Extremism and the Significance of Cultural Relevancy in Feminism

Emily Bent : Global Girl Power and Postfeminist Politics: Exploring the Limit(s) of Girls’ #Activism in a Neoliberal Climate

Anna Brecke : “Protect teenage girls at costs”: Selfie, Tumblr feminism, and the media devaluation of girl culture

Colleen Clemens : “’I Don’t Feel It Is A Story About Me At All’: I Am Malala and the Constructed Image of Women in the Muslim World”

Aneeka A. Henderson : Domestic Injustice and Disobedient Subjects: African American Women in Contemporary Fiction

Robert Kilker : “I Pretend It’s My Magic Power”: Art and Women’s Resistance in the Films of Wes Anderson

C. Chic Smith : African American Women and the Vernacular

Kathleen Turner : Fantasizing Feminist Power in Workplace Television Shows: The Case of Sue Thomas, Veronica Mars, Meredith Grey, and Betty Suarez

Andrea Weare : Queen of the diaspora: A transnational feminist frame analysis of Miss America Nina Davuluri on FoxNews.com