PCA/ACA Conference 2015 : les chercheurs sur Twitter (4e partie)

La quatrième partie de la liste de chercheurs qui ont participé au congrès national de la Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association de 2015 sera riche en thèmes. En effet, pour ce billet, les chercheurs ayant un compte Twitter sont classés dans les catégories suivantes telles qu’indiquées par le programme 2015 : African-American Culture; American Indian Literatures and Cultures; Asian Popular Culture; Australian and New Zealand Popular Culture; Black Performing Arts; Border Studies, Cultural Economy and Migration; British Popular Culture; Dance and Dance Culture; Festivals and Faires; Folklore; Latin American Film and Media; Latin Americans and Latinos: Identity Issues and Cultural Stereotypes; Popular Art, Architecture, and Design; Shakespeare on Film and Television; Stephen King; Urban Studies; et World’s Fairs and Expositions.


African-American Culture (Hazzard-Donald)

Halifu Osumare : Keeping it Real: Race, Class, and Youth Connections through Hip-Hop in the U.S. & Brazil

Candace Parrish : Perfection is a Disease of a Nation: A Qualitative Analysis Comparing and Contrasting reactions to Beyonce and Blue Ivy’s hair via Social Media

Shoniqua Roach : “It’s Handled!”: Interrogating Representations of Black Female Sexuality, Pleasure, and Violence on Scandal

Kim Vaz-Deville : New Orleans Black Performace Traditions, Sexual Minorities and the Refusal to be Invisible


American Indian Literatures and Cultures (Bracewell and Sax)

Laura Bolf-Beliveau : Native American Speculative Fiction for Adolescents: Problems and Promise

Jason Stephenson : “The Sun Around Which All of These Planets Whirl”: Sherman Alexie in Secondary Classrooms


Asian Popular Culture (Lent and Xu)

Ruby Kim : Transforming the Script: Queering Coffee Princes and Flower Boys

Carl Li : Science Fiction Manga and the Political Potential of Emotions

Frenchy Lunning : « Shôjo: Impossible Bodies, Improbable Girls »


Australian and New Zealand Popular Culture (Thomas)

Imogen Mathew : The Advice Manual and Consumer Culture in Anita Heiss’ Chick Lit.


Black Performing Arts (Borshuk and Banbury)

Jasmine Johnson : Caught a Body: Hip Hop, Contagion, and Black Sexuality


Border Studies, Cultural Economy and Migration (Masterson)

Zian Butler : Identity Borderlands: Writing to Belong


British Popular Culture (Thum and Riga)

Sam Goodman : Made Safe From Time’s Iniquity: Genre, Identity, and Post-Millennial Tensions in Alan Moore’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


Dance and Dance Culture (Delgado and Atkins)

Alison Hoffman-Han : “New Hollywood’s Need to Move: Screening Social Dance & Saturday Night Fever”

Laura Katz Rizzo : “Gold-dust”Ricki Starr the ballet-dancing wrestler:Physical Parody and the Subversive Queer Body


Festivals and Faires (Korol-Evans)

Diane Wilshere : That Bawd Lady Rochford: How Popular Culture Created The Villain Jane Parker Boleyn, VIscountess Rochford


Folklore (Edney)

Di Ann Duffey Vulich : Superstition, Paganism, and Christianity as Explored in Bless Me, Ultima and To a God Unknown

Benjamin Remillard : Myth and Religion in World War I


Latin American Film and Media (Fitch)

Fabrizio Cilento : Pablo Larraín’s No and the Aesthetics of Television


Latin Americans and Latinos: Identity Issues and Cultural Stereotypes (Rosales)

Yarí Cruz Ríos : Latinidad de telenovela: el performance de lo latino en Oscar y las mujeres de Santiago Roncagliolo


Popular Art, Architecture, and Design (Groves)

Victoria Young : The National World War II Museum, New Orleans: Creating the Landscape of War


Shakespeare on Film and Television (Vela)

Kelsey Ridge : Tumbling Shakespeare: Shakespearean Texts from Last Night


Stephen King (McAleer and Simpson)

T.J. Tranchell : Like Something Out of Stephen King: A Bestseller’s Journey from Author to Text


Urban Studies (Lightweis-Goff)

Miles Gamble : From Harlem to Treme: The Realities and Resistance of the Gentrification Process In New York and New Orleans

Andrea Glass-Heffner : Has Sex Disappeared From the City?: Clicking Through the Sexual Geography of Urban America

Andrew Strombeck : David Wojnarowicz’s The Waterfront Journals and the 1975 New York Fiscal Crisis


World’s Fairs and Expositions (Manning and Condon)

Diana Cucuz : Winning Female Hearts and Minds at The American National Exhibition in Moscow, 1959

Laurie Dalton : Making the Ephemeral Tangible: Canadian Tourist Tropes at Expo 2005