PCA/ACA Conference 2015 : les chercheurs sur Twitter (8e partie)

Voici la huitième partie de la liste de chercheurs qui ont participé au congrès national de la Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association de 2015. Pour ce billet, les chercheurs ayant un compte Twitter sont classés dans les catégories suivantes telles qu’indiquées par le programme 2015 : Fan Culture and Theory; Mythology in Contemporary Culture; Philosophy and Popular Culture; Religion and Culture; Rhetoric, Composition, and Popular Culture; Science & Popular Culture; et Tarot & Other Methods of Divination.


Fan Culture and Theory (Larsen)

Anna Aupperle : From ‘Teenage Dream’ to Collective Reality: Social Activism, Glee’s Online Fan Community and the Media Megaspectacle

Laura Bang : The History Factory: Real People, Fiction, and the Production of Celebrity in the Wild West

Cécile Cristofari : Studying fan communities as an aca-fan: methodological and practical aspects

Christopher Doody : Amazon’s Kindle Worlds: Bringing Fanfiction into the 21st Century

Charity Fowler : Phasing the ‘B’ out of Bromance: Slash and TV Representations of Masculinity

Lincoln Geraghty : Fans on Primetime: Representations of Fandom in Mainstream American Network Television, 1986 – 2014; The Journal of Fandom Studies: Where Do We Go From Here?

Elizabeth Gilliland : Little Sister Problems: The Fandom’s Complicated Relationship with the Teenage Girl Trope

Poe Johnson : « The Great Chain of Being Black: Lynching as a Participatory Fandom »

Julia E. Largent : Veronica Mars, Serenity, and Star Trek: A Look at What Organizations Can Learn From Successful Fan Mobilizations

JSA Lowe : We’ll Always Have Purgatory: Slashing Social Media Spaces and the Supernatural Fandom

Ann McClellan : Out of this World: Sherlock, World-Building , and Alternative Universe Fan Fiction

Meriem Mechehoud : Fandom Culture in the Muslim World:American Popular culture from “Soft Power” to “Hailed Experience”

Brittany Mytnik : The Stories that Lived: Harry Potter Fan Fiction as Folklore and a Continuation of Oral-Storytelling

Renee Reynolds : How Milo Manara Became a « Scheduling Problem » for Marvel Comics: The Fan and Public Controversy of the Milo Manara’s Variant Cover of Spider-Man #1

Amanda Sikarskie : Fangirling in Academia: The Surprising Story of How My Reading of Keith Richards’ Life Led to a New Direction in My Research on 17th and 18th Century Textiles

Emily Thomas : Clawing Through the Fourth Wall: Interactions Between the Fans and Creators of MTV’s Teen Wolf

KT Torrey : I’m Gonna Need You To Unbuckle Your Belt: Screening for Seduction in Misha Collins’ TSA America; What’s Your Definition of Dirty, Baby?: Taking Pleasure, Together, in Fanfic

Cynthia Vinney : Fan Influence and the Drive for Media Production

Hillary Yeager : « I Hate Steven Moffat »: Envy, Anger, and Dissent in the Doctor Who Fandom


Mythology in Contemporary Culture (Rittenhouse and Wilkerson)

Jamie Bormann : Learning Mythology Through Video Games

Jody Bower : How Women Write the Heroine Story

Jonathan Broussard : Taming the Thunder to Harness the Lightning: Thor as a Mythic American Hero


Philosophy and Popular Culture (Okapal)

Malcolm Burt : Screaming on a Ride to Nowhere: What Roller Coasters Teach Us about Being Human

David Denenny : Funk Music and Dewey’s Purpose of Aesthetics

Keith Dromm : Epoché Under Fire: The Pyrrhonian Skeptic in War Films

Brian R. Gilbert : Subjective destitution and the American sitcom: The ideological fantasy of The Big Bang Theory

James Malazita : Biomancy: The Modular Body, Biohacking, and the Ethics of Installing Magnets in Your Fingers

Chad Timm : Hail Caesar!: A Lacanian Analysis of Planet of the Apes’ Revolutionary Chimpanzee


Religion and Culture (Detrixhe)

Brandon Dean : The Faceless Christ of Jack T. Chick: An Exploration of the Christology of Chick Tracts

Charlotte Howell : The Marketplace of Faith: Industry Logics of Religion on Mid-2000s Broadcast Television

Andi McClanahan : From Homes to Towns to Television: An Exploration of the Religion of Spiritualism as Entertainment in Popular Culture


Rhetoric, Composition, and Popular Culture (Burg)

Jessica Boykin : Filling in the Gaps: Invitational Rhetoric, Public Memory, and the Graphic Biography

Oriana Gatta : Adaptation, Intertextuality, Invention, and Ursula: Oceanic, A Memoir

Mary Helen Millham : An Analysis of Season One of Game of Thrones using Kenneth Burke’s Seven Interlocked Moments


Science & Popular Culture (Gil and Lott)

Angie Chiang : Cli-Fi not just Sci-Fi: How climate fiction reflects the realities of climate change debate

Jeanne Tiehen : A New Kind of Character: Examining the Scientist as Protagonist


Tarot & Other Methods of Divination (Auger)

Alanna Kaivalya : The Tarot Journey: An Inner Quest for Outer Truth