PCA/ACA Conference 2015 : les chercheurs sur Twitter (1re partie)

Le congrès national de la Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association de 2015 rassemblait plus de 3 300 communications. La liste des chercheurs étant longue, nous allons étendre sa présentation sur plusieurs semaines. Dans notre billet d’aujourd’hui, les chercheurs ayant un compte Twitter sont classés dans les catégories suivantes telles qu’indiquées par le programme 2015 : American Literature, Children’s Literature and Culture, Children’s/YA Series Books and Dime Novels, Romance, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Tolkien Studies et Vampire in Literature, Culture, and Film.


American Literature (Richardson)

Anne-Marie Evans : Writing Celebrity Culture and Commodity: Mae West as Author

Andrew Marzoni : The Realities of Post-Fiction

Kathryn Perry : Reader as Writer, Self as Other: The Dialogic Function of the Abject Narrative in Toni Morrison’s Sula


Children’s Literature and Culture (Doughty)

Sean Connors : « I Was Watching You, Mockingjay »: Discipline, Power, and Agency in the Hunger Games Trilogy

Sarah Hentges : More than Rebellion and Angst: Mapping the Complex Terrain of YA Dystopia’s « Girls on Fire »

Breanna McDaniel : From ABCs to Nicki: Tracing Images of Black Girls/Women as Consumable from Picture Books to Music Videos

Christopher Vian : Music in Literature: The Textual Interplay in Stephen Chombsky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower; Welcome to Night Vale, Slenderman: The Intertextual Creation of Horror Young Adult Literature; Closing the Gap with Experimental Texts

Aedon Young : The Gospel of Severus Snape


Children’s/YA Series Books and Dime Novels (Keeline)

Demian Katz : The Poetry of Kathleen’s Diamonds


Romance (Selinger)

Jonathan Allan : Happily Ever After’s Cruel Optimism

Amanda Allen : Romancing the Taboo: The Marriage Law Challenge in Snape/Hermione Fanfiction

Amy Burge : ‘mushy eyes over a quarter chicken at Nandos’: Love, gender, class and history in romantic advice texts for young people.

Laura Florand : The Romance Novel: A Course in History and Creative Entrepreneurship at Duke

Conseula Francis : The Erotics of Vulnerability in African American Romance Fiction

Joanna Gregson : Legitimating Romance: Neutralizing the Stigma of Romantic Fiction

Amanda Hobson : Brothers Under Covers: Race and the Paranormal Romance Novel

Laurie Kahn :  “Love Between the Covers”: the Popular Romance Project Documentary Film (Q&A:Eric Selinger & Laurie Kahn)

Jayashree Kamble : It’s All Academic: Scholar, Scientist, Romance Heroine

Jen Lois : Legitimating Romance: Neutralizing the Stigma of Romantic Fiction

Jodi McAlister : This Modern Love: representations of romantic love in historical romance

Katherine Morrissey : Love and Plurality: Ensemble Casting and Modularity in Contemporary Rom-Coms

Eric Selinger : “Love Between the Covers”: the Popular Romance Project Documentary Film (Q&A:Eric Selinger & Laurie Kahn); Kismet: Turkish Soap Operas and the Globalized Culture of Popular Romance; Redeeming (M/M) Love: Christian Romance and Erotic Faith in Alex Beecroft’s False Colors and Alexis Hall’s Glitterland

Jessica Van Slooten : Anyone But Baby: Child-free Heroines, Heterosexual Romance, and Female Subjectivity in the Fiction of Jennifer Crusie and Emily Giffin


Science Fiction and Fantasy (Leitch and Ginn)

Matthieu Guitton : Swimming in virtual seas: Mermaids from fiction to (virtual) reality

Lisa Han : Bugs on the Battlefield: Mapping the Alien Combat Film

Isiah Lavender III : “‘Metallically black’: Bigger Thomas and the Black Apocalyptic Vision of Richard Wright’s Native Son”

Rikk Mulligan : Avengers Aftermath: The Ramifications of Alien Invasion in the Marvel Mediaverse

Thomas Parham : Marvel v. DC: When Cineverses Collide

Warren Rochelle : Here We Are, Here We Should Be: An Examination of the Rhetoric of Gay Retellings of Fairy Tales

Robert J Sanders : “She’s not to be bought. Nor bartered, nor borrowed or lent.” The Feminist Underpinnings of Captain Malcolm Reynolds in Joss Whedon’s Firefly & Serenity

Derek Thiess : Science Fiction and the Science of Sport: Culture and History

Cherie Ann Turpin : Disrupting the Master Narrative: Afrofuturism and Black Feminism in Nalo Hopkinson’s The Salt Roads

Heather Urbanski : A Narrative Case for Marvel CU & other Genre Franchises

Margaret Weitekamp : Culture Wars in Space: Babylon 5, Deep Space Nine, and the Meaning of the Past


Tolkien Studies (Reid)

Janet Croft : The Name of the Ring: Or, There and Back Again

Anna Smol : “In a hole in the ground there lived a fangirl”: The Complications of Tolkien, Fandom, and The Hobbit


Vampire in Literature, Culture, and Film (Findley and Simpson)

Melissa Anyiwo : Shame, Gender, and Cultural Capital: The Problems of Women Reading Genre Fiction; “Beautifully broken” The evolution of Tara Thornton in HBO’s True Blood; La Femme Monstreuse: The Monstrous Feminine and Male Anxiety

Vicky Gilpin : The Gentleman AND the Monster: Masculine Performativity in Rymer’s Varney the Vampyre

Holly Guile : Peering Into the Void: Placelessness and The Vampire

Amanda Hobson : Shame, Gender, and Cultural Capital: The Problems of Women Reading Genre Fiction; La Femme Monstreuse: The Monstrous Feminine and Male Anxiety