PCA/ACA Conference 2015 : les chercheurs sur Twitter (7e partie)

Le corps et l’esprit sont le principal thème de la septième partie de la liste de chercheurs qui ont participé au congrès national de la Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association de 2015. Pour ce billet, les chercheurs ayant un compte Twitter sont classés dans les catégories suivantes telles qu’indiquées par le programme 2015 : BDSM/Kink/Fetish Studies (Martinez); Body and Culture (Kelly); Eros, Pornography and Popular Culture (Muir); Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design (Hancock, McClendon, and Strubel); Fat Studies (Owen and Jennings); Fitness, Exercise and Physical Culture (Cowen); Medical Humanities: Health and Disease in Culture (Farkas); et Mental Health and Mental Illness in Popular Culture (Greene).


BDSM/Kink/Fetish Studies (Martinez)

Charley Ferrer : A Sexological View of BDSM & Our Legal Sexual Freedom: (Our changing Sexual Culture & the Law); Exploring Dominance and Submission; Kink 101 — The Naked Truths about BDSM

Emma Turley : Taking it like a man? The lived experience of masculinity and consensual BDSM in submissive men’s blogs


Body and Culture (Kelly)

Jeanne Gillespie : Documenting Power in Mesoamerica: Aztec Representation and Performance of Empire with Women’s Bodies

Marina Levina : Non-human lab bodies as saints and monsters: Scientific production of affective monstrosities

Lynn Sally : Going Gaga: The Female Body as Palimpsest


Eros, Pornography and Popular Culture (Muir)

Daniel Laurin : Documentary/Autobiography/Pornography: Gay Self-Inscription in Fuck Yeah Levi Karter

Jessica Martin : The Evolution of Online Pornography: When Porn Studies and Transnational Studies Collide


Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design (Hancock, McClendon, and Strubel)

Maureen Brewster : Bump Watch: Fashioning Celebrity Pregnancy as Performance and Product

Rikki Byrd : Black the Color We Wear: The Temporality of Blackness in the Fashion Industry

Myles Ethan Lascity : Sisters, Competitors and Neighbors: Exploring UNIQLO’s brand image in absentia

Veronica Manlow : Luxury Labor: The Career of the Salesperson

Marlena Matute : Target on the Plus Side: How Designer Collaboration Consumption is Defying Body Image Identities

Arienne McCracken : Women, Their Avatars, and Dress in Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Alanna McKnight : Masculine Subjectivity and The Corset

Julia Morrow : Hairstyle As Text: Understanding The Bob In Early Twentieth Century American Culture

Jo Paoletti : Which Golden Girl Are You? Archetypes of Aging

Anne Peirson-Smith : Classrooms without borders – turning cooperation into collaboration: a case study analysis on the implementation of collaborative teaching and learning across cultures


Fat Studies (Owen and Jennings)

Lauren Bosc : Gazing Upon the Freak: The Spectacle of Fatness in My 600-lb Life and Half Ton Killer?

Ashley Fullbrook : Fatness as a barrier to food aid

Heather Lang : Fatness and Freakery: The Visual Rhetorical Construction of « Obesity »

Kait LaPorte : The Fat Heroine of the Apocalypse: Leslie Hall as Monstrous Savior in “Zombie Killer”

Michaela Nowell : Bodies Imprisoned: Contextualized Body Diversity on Orange is the New Black

Lauren Downing Peters : Hidden in Plain Sight: Fashion and Fat Acceptance in the Riot Grrrl Zine Collections

Amelia Serafine : “A Kind of Fat Ladies Non-Anonymous:” T.O.P.S. and the Post-War Diet Group Movement

Christine Spinetta : Understanding the Thin Ideology: Living Fat in a Thin-Centric World

Marilyn Wann : The promise and pitfalls of fat activism: three stories


Fitness, Exercise and Physical Culture (Cowen)

Danie Greenwell : Bikini yoga: Being your best selfie on Instagram

Nicki Karimipour : Fitspirational: A Critical Analysis of Niche Fitness Culture on Instagram


Medical Humanities: Health and Disease in Culture (Farkas)

D. Gilson : It Always Matters if You’re Black or White: Michael Jackson & Disabled Normalcy

Amy Hawkins : The Paradox of Proximity: Medical Choices Motivated by Observing the Experience of Jane in Accounting Versus the Celebrity Narrative of Cancer

Katherine Ostrom : Tropical Dreams: Rio’s Vaccine Riots in Fiction and Film

Melina Sherman : The Cultural Production of a Pharmaceutical Market: The Making of ADHD

Christine Spinetta : The creation of a medical humanities minor: An interdisciplinary approach to health studies

Anne Stachura : The creation of a medical humanities minor: An interdisciplinary approach to health studies


Mental Health and Mental Illness in Popular Culture (Greene)

Rachel Christie : Black and White

Candace Parrish : “Show Me The Way”: A Qualitative Analysis of Depression Infographics as Health Communication Prevention

Kyle Peer : Patrick Bateman: Psychological Analysis of a character’s depiction in the film American Psycho